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This is going to be a quick post since it’s 10:30 and we’re supposed to be up at 6:30 tomorrow morning.  We got checked into the Habitat office and guest house earlier today, then went straight out to get some diner at a little local Mexican place called Cucos (we sat in the booths shown in the photo).  There were only two waitresses and one cook, so the food took a while but it was worth the wait and it gave us a chance to get to know each other better.  The only strange thing on the menu was the re-fried beans which were made with black bean and looked something like “Mississippi mud”, but they tasted great.  Enjoy the pictures because I’m going to bed, I’ll add descriptions tomorrow.

Now that I’ve gotten some sleep and have 10 min to kill before the van leaves, here’s some background on these photos.  The biker guy with his dog were seen at a rest stop on our way down here.  While the girls on our van thought the puppy was cute, I was struck by the contrast of a burly biker feeding his puppy.  Next up are these two kids that shouted, “Hey take my picture!”.  Three pictures of the house, one of the neighborhood dogs with a push pop. Then more of the house and us visiting with the neighborhood kids.  Lastly there are two photos of one of the many little mishaps that we found with the van, look closely at the last image.


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  1. UNCA Student Says:

    Hey just wondering if you guys could post some pictures of the site, lodge where you’re staying, trip in general. Thanks!

    • frankcjones Says:

      I’ve posted a few photos already in the other posts, but I’ll add some more in the next couple days.

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